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Architect Small Block TrueType Font

Quiet Designs Inc. presents a hand-crafted easy-to-read PC TrueType font especially for architectural, blueprint and drawing use.

The font was created for a project requiring site and house plan blueprints. After multiple Internet searches, no acceptable font was found.

The font started its life as 0.2" characters written on vellum using an automatic pencil with 0.7mm diameter lead, hence the name: Architect Small Block [letters].

The sample above shows the results of the work. The 24 point (1/3 of an inch) text sample was printed from a Word document, scanned, scaled and saved as a JPEG file. Most of the characters appear in the sample.


The font offers six special symbols often used in architectural and site plan drawings. The symbols have the correct Unicode mappings and are also mapped to characters in the 128 through 255 range so they can be used by applications that do not support Unicode, such as Chief Architect.

This font is also a good choice for adding a personal hand lettered touch, as opposed to fonts with perfectly formed lines and curves or other script fonts that are less formal and often difficult to read.

Quiet Designs offers free font downloads. A subset of the font is being offered as shareware under the name Architect SmBlk Demo so you can "try before you buy." The demo includes one architectural font character.

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