For Fun
Software and Hardware Consultant

Software Experience
     • C
     • Java
     • Assembly language (x86, ARM/Thumb, 68000, 8052, etc.)
     • C++
     • Windows
     • MS-DOS
     • Unix (FreeBSD, Linux, System V, Xenix, etc.)
     • InstallShield MultiPlatform
     • Visual Basic
     • OS/2

Abbreviated Project Experience
     • Embedded systems
     • Device drivers
     • Preemptive multitasking kernel
     • Software/hardware system debugging
     • Web design
     • Microcontrollers
     • Hardware design
     • Rapid prototyping
     • Application software
     • Test software
     • SCSI drivers
     • Schematic capture
     • Network administrator
     • Electronics technician

Some Former Clients and Employers
AST Research
Cipher Data Products
Conner Peripherals
Kofax Image Products
Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
Seagate Removable Storage Solutions
Stac Electronics
Western Digital Corporation
      Ron Dunant has over twenty years of cumulative experience as a software engineer/programmer, hardware engineer and computer engineer. Twelve years have been spent consulting through Quiet Designs. His breadth of experience leads to better overall project understanding.

He is available as a full- or part-time consultant.

Quiet Designs Inc.    Grass Valley, California, U.S.A.    (555) 555-1212    E-mail: webdude@example.com